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Jami Childers Portrait Artist

Jacksonville Florida  portrait artist, Jami Childers has been painting & drawing almost all her life. She started painting at an early age with her grandfather.  Jami  also enjoys the land and seascapes that Florida has to offer. 

  Mixed media is a favorite form of expression when interpreting portraiture. Her collage portraits have interesting layers of material in the background that draw you in. The faces in her portraits have areas of transparency that allow you to see through to the dimensions in the background.

  Larger than life, close up compositions of faces is what Jami likes, because she wants to get deep into the detail of the eyes of her subjects. It is in the eyes where you can experience the personality of her subjects. 

  Jami specializes in creating beautiful portraits of children, families, pets and landscapes from your photographs.

Give the gift that your family will treasure forever!



Jami hand paints all of her artworks at her art studio in Jacksonville Florida.

Photograph by: Clinton Eastman

Contact me

Tel: 1-904-881-0209


Jacksonville, Florida 

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